Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers

Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers are erupting from New York’s music
underground with their new release, “Heal My Soul. ” Grey has mesmerized
music lovers since she thundered on the scene like Mae West on a motorcycle.
Rising to the status of cult rock diva, this multiple ASCAP songwriting
award winner delivers a repertoire that blends the tortured soul of the
blues with bawdy burlesque and Brooklyn attitude. Lex Grey and The Urban
Pioneers have five original albums and have just released their sixth,
“Heal My Soul.”

Born in the back room of a Brooklyn bar, the Urban Pioneers gained notoriety
as New York City’s notorious live band, cultivating a gritty sophistication
by uniting unusual instruments, traditional blues and hard-hitting classic
rock. Onstage they explode with energy and passion, creating a musical and
visual patchwork of texture and soundscape, driven by Grey’s steamy,
jaw-dropping delivery. The band’s earthiness draws in and embraces people of
every taste and background, and is always expanding and evolving.
“I don’t believe you have to fit into a mold,” Grey says. “We just stay true
to our instincts and our influences and people identify with this honesty.
Regardless of culture, regardless of trends, if it comes from the heart it’s
both timely and timeless.”

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