Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers


If you have never seen this band, fasten your safety belts! A vocal, visual and musical tour de force, The Urban Pioneers deliver it hard and heartfelt. From their award winning original songs to their outrageously unique interpretations of classic rock and blues this band takes you places
no other band can.

The soul of The Urban Pioneers is Lex Grey whose onstage flamboyance is only matched by her 24K gold voice. Dipping into the belly of the blues, this passionate innovative performer has an incredible vocal range filled with color and packed with unstoppable power. She has been compared to everyone from Betty Carter and Ella Fitzgerald to Robert Plant and Janis Joplin, yet her sound is uniquely her own. The band soars with unbridled energy that only veteran performers possess, combining their influences to render a brand of blues that is truly exciting and new.

On the brink of releasing their sixth original album, The Urban Pioneers are regarded as one of the region’s top independent entertainers. Equally at home in elegant theaters and blues saloons, upscale resorts and motorcycle festivals, over the top weddings and underground clubs, Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers always wins the audience’s hearts.

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